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Acer X233H bd 23-Inch Widescreen LCD Display – Black

Written By: Best Sellers LCD Monitor on April 14, 2010 5 Comments

  • Size/Type 23.0 wide-screen TFT LCD
  • Maximum Resolution / Maximum Refresh Rate 1920 x 1080 / 75Hz
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio 40000 – 1
  • Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angles & Frequency – Viewing Angles – 160 / 160 , Frequency – 54.2KHz – 83.8KHz / 49.0Hz – 75Hz
  • Brightness – 300 cd/m2

Product Description
The X233H bd LCD is designed for High-Definition with an incredible 1920 x 1080 resolution….

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Acer X233H bd 23-Inch Widescreen LCD Display – Black

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5 Responses to “Acer X233H bd 23-Inch Widescreen LCD Display – Black”

  1. Q. Guo says on: 14 April 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Ships quickly and looks good, picture is clear. The only issue so far is that at maximum resolution the refresh rate is only 60 at maximum, if you want the refresh rate to go higher you will have to sacrifice your resolution. that’s pretty sad because I never expect this when seeing this monitor’s specifications!

  2. T. Neitzel says on: 14 April 2010 at 6:37 pm

    I finally decided to upgrade from my old Cornerstone (new in 2000) 19″ Professional CRT that still works fine but weighs 50 pounds and is 18″ deep.

    I was looking at prices and found a great one on this Acer X233H [...]. I’ve had it about two weeks and very much like the resolution and crisp display. I’ve had no issues, other than what I believe is video card issue when using the DVI-I output (I have an old ATI 9600 Radeon). I’m using the VGA input until I upgrade to a new computer.

    Some odds and ends. The DVD-D cable that comes with the monitor works just fine with a DVI-I connector. I like that they include cables for all the inputs.

    I’m running at the full resolution at either 60 or 75hz refresh, my choice. I had to download and install the Acer driver to get the higher refresh.

    I’m running XP Pro with all the updates installed. I noticed the monitor installed as a generic Plug and Play. It got the full resolution but not the higher refresh. The driver was an old Microsoft XP version. I was surprised that the monitor didn’t include a driver.

    Here’s the Acer support link:


    As noted in other reviews, their support (and site) is a bit tough to navigate. It took me forever to figure out what to click on to download the driver. You click on the little icon to the left of the word monitor. Install the monitor and the OS shows the X233H name.

    I’m happy so far. It’s still feels like I’m sitting in the front row of a movie theater but I’m getting used to that. I did have to get an extra monitor stand to lift it a bit higher on the desk for me, but that’s personal preference. I also like the buttons on the front to easily change display characteristics for text or graphics.

    No dead pixels or performance issues. I sure hope I don’t have any need for the Acer support in the future. I don’t know if I will get the 10 year performance from this like I did on my Cornerstone, but it sure costs a lot less for a beautiful display.

    I like the monitor and price.

  3. Tim Tobin says on: 14 April 2010 at 6:49 pm

    Great picture, all inputs worked fine, not a single dead pixel. Came shipped in plenty of protection and arrived in 5 days so not too shabby. A lack of hdmi in is the only thing missing on this model but frankly, if you want to watch sweet HD tv, spend the money on a nice 42+ inch tv. If your just using this for a computer, the DVI-D port gives you just as much quality as an HDMI port (both are digitally encoded video ports). Capable of 1920 by 1080, this is a true HD monitor. The stand tilts forward and backward. Excellent product.

  4. Jesse Roberts says on: 14 April 2010 at 8:03 pm

    I love this monitor! The picture quality is very good, and the stand doesn’t bother me at all. What does bother me is the fact that mine has two stuck pixels, one of them being in the lower left quadrant, but rarely visible, and the other being at the VERY top left corner where it doesn’t even matter. Could have been worse I suppose… Anyways, I think this is an excellent monitor for the price, and I would definately consider purchasing another!

  5. A. Bockman says on: 14 April 2010 at 8:08 pm

    I have an Acer X203H as well, which lacks the HDMI input, but provides a greater range of resolutions. Basically though, I bought this for the 1080p capability so that I could review HD video.

    The button interface can be annoying for switching between analog and digital and sometimes I wish there were a dedicated option for this. Perhaps in the not too distant future even netbooks will output DVI/HDMI. Till then…

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