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HP L1940T Monitor, 19 Inch LCD, Silver Bezel, Analog – Digital Interface, 3-3-3

Written By: Best Sellers LCD Monitor on April 29, 2010 4 Comments

  • 19 Inch LCD
  • Silver Bezel
  • Analog – Digital Interface

Product Description
The 19-inch HP L1940T Flat Panel Monitor offers advanced features and functionality, a superior ergonomic design, and the latest technologies for use in a variety of small-to-medium businesses as well as corporate environments….

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HP L1940T Monitor, 19 Inch LCD, Silver Bezel, Analog – Digital Interface, 3-3-3

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4 Responses to “HP L1940T Monitor, 19 Inch LCD, Silver Bezel, Analog – Digital Interface, 3-3-3”

  1. medicdave says on: 29 April 2010 at 3:20 pm

    This is the first LCD I’ve used on a regular basis; it was issued to me at work. My first impressions were that the design is attractive, the base is sturdy and I suddenly had a lot more desk space than with my old 20″ CRT. That was where my good impressions ended.

    I took a resolution hit with this monitor, as it only goes to 1280×1024. I’m used to 1600×1200, though I imagine that would be a bit tight on a 19″ monitor. Don’t know why they can’t produce one that does 1400×1040!

    My work PC only has an analog VGA output, no DVI, and I notice that blacks and dark colors in the analog signal are VERY noisy – they exhibit distracting flicker and an unpleasant grainyness. When the black background of the on-screen config display is shown, it is very dark and noise-free, so I assume this problem only applies to analog signals.

    Another complaint I have is that you must be *perfectly* centered in front of this display to avoid darkening at the edges. Moving even just slightly to the left or right, or up and down, causes whites and light backgrounds to develop a pinkish cast.

    Overall, this display is usable, but far from enjoyable. I want my CRT back!

    *Edit April 2008* Using this display with the DVI input takes care of the noise I noticed previously in darker spots. However, the edge discoloration remains…

  2. L. Block says on: 29 April 2010 at 4:04 pm

    This monitor is awesome! Excellent color and brightness, superb build quality and no dead pixels either. Factor in the current rebate offer from hp and it’s excellent value for money.

    This monitor is being used for graphic design and illustration, as well as some gaming – it performs superbly in all areas. It’s plugged into an ATi X700 Pro video card.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have a DVI capable video card either – I’ve tried VGA and DVI and there is virtually no difference to be seen.

    Quality product – buy with confidence!

  3. Some Dude says on: 29 April 2010 at 5:10 pm

    As with the other reviewer, I’ve had my 21″ CRT Monitor replaced with the HP L1940T 19″ LCD.

    The display is bright and clear. There are no color noises. Blacks are deep. Colors are bright. Good 100 degree viewing angle. After that, it gets a little dark, but, I don’t think that it is a big deal. The construction of the monitor itself is great. I like the different angles that you can place the screen at also.

    The screen saves so much space now that I can place my tower back on my desk!!

  4. M. Pickering says on: 29 April 2010 at 7:07 pm

    Although prices of LCD monitors continue to drop, the quality of these devices has been gradually increasing. However, when you purchase a bargain priced monitor you can’t expect high-end performance. A good example of this fact is the L1940T monitor made by HP. It is a very cost effective monitor which comes with some features usually found on far more expensive models. Although you may not be paying extra cash for them, these niceties do come at a cost.

    First of all we’ll cover the basics. The L1940T is a traditional “square” style 19″ LCD monitor, with a 5:4 aspect ratio. By square I simply mean that it is NOT a wide-screen monitor. If you require a monitor with high resolution then this model may not be for you. The L1940T maxes out at 1280×1024 / 75Hz. Here is a more complete list of specifications for this device:

    * Display Type – Flat Panel/TFT Active Matrix

    * Overall Dimensions(including stand & base): 16.3″-W x 10.7″-D x 14.3″-H

    * Total Weight – 18.5 lbs

    * Color – Silver & Carbonite Black

    * Viewable Size – 19 in

    * Dot Pitch / Pixel Pitch – 0.294 mm

    * Max Resolution – 1280 x 1024 / 75 Hz

    * Max Sync Rate (V x H) – 76 Hz x 83 KHz

    * Video Bandwidth – 140 MHz

    * Response Time – 8 ms

    * Color Support – 24-bit (16.7 million)

    * Video Inputs – RGB, DVI

    * Display Brightness – 300 cd/m2 (nits)

    * Contrast Ratio – 700:1

    * Backlight Life Cycle – 40,000 hours

    * Average Power Consumption – 40 Watts (2 Watts in standby mode)

    * Voltage – AC 120/230 V (Auto Switching)

    * Max Viewing Angles – 140 (horizontal) x 135 (vertical)

    * Warranty – 3 Years (limited) Parts & Labor

    As you can see, those specifications are adequate but not overly impressive. But now let’s talk about the abundant list of features this monitor has to offer, which sets it apart from many other models in this price range.

    The L1940T LCD monitor has a plethora of mechanical and electronic adjustments. The adjustable base/stand allows you to adjust tilt, height and swivel. The pivot head allows you to adjust for portrait or landscape viewing. As mentioned in the specs above, you have a choice of using the RGB analog input or the DVI digital input. You can even hook up two different video sources to the L1940T (one digital and one analog), and select between them using the video input selector buttons on the front panel of the display. There is also a Hi-Speed USB upstream (type B) port and two open USB (type A) accessory ports. There are 5 buttons on the front of the LCD panel (below the display screen) which control power, auto calibration, menu, as well as ‘+’ and ‘-’ keys (which also serve as the video input selectors). From the on-screen menu you can adjust brightness, contrast, clock, phase, H/V size, H/V position, input select and color temperature. You can also select from the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese (simplified).

    Setting up the L1940T was a breeze. It has a fairly heavy feel to it, due to the bulky base/stand assembly. Because the stand is hinged, to allow height adjustment, and because the LCD panel can pivot and swivel, moving the monitor around can be a little awkward. I found the brightness and contrast were set too high, out of the box, but a few button pushes toned them down to more desirable levels. The factory preset color balance was very good, leaning slightly toward the cool side, and is easy to control using the on-screen adjustments. The auto calibration utility took care of the clock and phase settings without any interaction needed from myself. I noticed very little color banding, and I could see no ghosting whatsoever. When testing grayscale I found that the darkest shades all looked about the same; none of which were close enough to pure black. I think the problem here is with the excessive backlight bleed that this monitor has. The darkest backgrounds, such as black, look like dark gray smudges. Even with the brightness and contrast lowered drastically (which causes colors to look hazy and washed out), the backlight bleed-through is still quite strong. This is very unfortunate as this monitor would otherwise reach near greatness. I tested again and again for dead pixels but found none.

    I tested this monitor with both analog and digital inputs. Both produced decent results but the digital (DVI) connection yielded much better light gray response and produced less background noise during dark scene video viewing. Viewing angle performance is another limitation of this model. Horizontal viewing was decent up to about 80 degrees, after which the picture started getting darker and washed out (taking on a slightly pinkish tone). After passing the 100 degree mark the image started getting extremely dark and washed out. Vertical viewing angles are even more limiting, with the image starting to lose quality at as little as 50 degrees.

    I also tested the monitor with DVD video playback and some modest game play. Movie playback was decent, but I did notice some dithering in dark scenes; mostly with dark blue shades. I noticed no blurring during movie playback but did observe some modest smearing during intense game play.

    I could go on quite a bit more but I think I will wrap it up here. My overall impression of this monitor is that it is best suited for an office environment, or for someone that is looking for a full-featured, inexpensive LCD for web browsing, word processing and maybe some photo editing. The L1940T has a lot of great features, usually found on much more expensive monitors, but these features come at the cost of quality in some important areas. The backlight of this monitor bleeds through too much, preventing you from getting even close to true black. Acceptable viewing angles are extremely limited, so this monitor is best if sitting right in front of you at eye level. The overall style and design of the panel frame, stand and base are nice but nothing of a fashion statement. Again, this monitor strikes me as a business/office monitor. I plan to use this monitor strictly for web browsing, e-mail and document composition, and some photo and video editing. I am satisfied that this monitor will do an admirable job for these tasks. I can easily recommend this monitor for those who have the same intensions for their LCD monitor. It is nearly perfect for a home office. However, if you are looking for a high performance LCD for gaming, or want something that is perfectly suitable for movie watching then I would suggest looking elsewhere. Still, for the money, the HP L1940T is a well rounded LCD with a robust set of features. I can’t quite give this device a solid 4 stars, but I think it is actually a little better than 3 stars. Therefore, please consider this a 3 and 1/2 star product. =o)

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