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HP W2408H 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

Written By: Best Sellers LCD Monitor on March 31, 2010 5 Comments

  • Panel type: 24 in Diagonal Widescreen Thin Film Transistor LCD Active Matrix
  • Rotates / Height Adjustment / Swivel and Tilt Function
  • 1920×1200 Resolution and 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 5 ms response time

Product Description
HP w2408 Vivid Color – A premium perfect monitor for your PC that provides vibrant colors, convenience, personalization and height adjustment options. The HP w2408 provides richer, more vibrant colors as it uses high quality panels that can cover more of the color gamut. It’s easy for you to connect your USB devices, with the built in four (4) USB Ports. The BrightView widescreen panel with 5 ms response time offers brilliant picture quality, and the built-in ambien… More >>

HP W2408H 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

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5 Responses to “HP W2408H 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor”

  1. Kallie says on: 31 March 2010 at 9:09 am

    This monitor goes to sleep and won’t wake up about half the time when I go into DOS to use a frequently accessed program. I have to close everything I’m working on in order to not lose anything each time I go into DOS.

    Sometimes I can get the screen to wake up by typing everything necessary to exit DOS, but this is hard to do with a completely black screen. Other times I have to shut the computer down and restart.

    I have not bothered to call HP about this because when I first got the monitor I called them with a question about how you switch from VGA to DVI and I got a girl in the Phillipines who could barely understand English, and she did not even know what VGA and DVI were. She kept me on the phone for an hour and would not let me talk to her supervisor. She had me doing all kinds of stuff and would not say what she was up to, finally after an hour I realized she wanted me to read the manual that came on a disc. I could have done that in 2 minutes without any help from her. The manual of course does not tell you how to switch between VGA and DVI, if it did, I would not have called HP in the first place.

    I gave up on HP support with a headache from trying to understand her English. It turned out that HP’s cable was not compatible with the video port on my Dell computer. I had to get an adapter to put between the two.

  2. Aaron Merriman says on: 31 March 2010 at 9:43 am

    Professional software engineer and digital artist here, so I’m ridiculously picky about my monitors.

    Did a lot of research before deciding on this monitor, and was sorely disappointed. Size is impressive, and the coated screen (glossy) is gorgeous and makes the colors pop, but that’s where the good news ends.

    Downright inexcusably poor light distribution, bad light leakage from bottom and sides, dead pixels and embarrassingly bad ghosting of dark text on white (yes, using a digital connection).

    The HDMI connection is nice, incidentally, but the absence of a DVI input is bizarre and inconvenient (add about $30 to your cost for the converter cable you’ll need).

    Probably an acceptable unit for use as a TV or gaming monitor, but utterly unacceptable for any serious computer work.

  3. scottsrim says on: 31 March 2010 at 12:04 pm

    i bought this product from amazon on 01/25/2008, and it stopped working today, on 04/20/2009. power just turned off, and will not turn back on. tried different cables, it must be an internal power supply problem.

    1 yr warranty expired, so i’m left with a huge monitor that doesn’t work. while i had it, it was great. but just letting everyone out there know that some of these might not last right after one year. get the extra warranty whatever it is.

    an overseas tech working for hp told me its rare but there was nothing they can do since the warranty expired. and you can’t get angry at these guys, they’re just doing their job. its basically hp telling me, “f you consumer, you got unlucky.”

    well, that does it for me. lifetime ban on hp products. but i’ll have to buy from some other corporation. so everyone, good luck in dealing with these thieving corporations who don’t even have to deal with their customers’ problems since they outsource the work and tech support overseas and make faulty products that barely outlive their warranties, all to increase their executives’ paychecks.

  4. Lander Smith says on: 31 March 2010 at 1:10 pm

    Great monitor,but how do you hook it up to the HDMI, oh well you can’t have everything. Great picture, and by far the best monitor that I have ever had.

  5. Ali Roustai says on: 31 March 2010 at 4:05 pm

    I got this monitor last week. It’s a mix bag


    You a get a lot of value for your money…Full HD. Quality Stance that is manouvrable. Lots of cables including an HDMI cable. Nice brite screen. Nice angle of view.


    Poor Black and Grey colors transition. Not for Photographers. I was very disapointed by this. In other words. Grey shadows will look Black red!!! you can not fix this….

    Average sound quality.

    The plus sign does not increase sound! you have to first push on minus bar then the plus one to increase sound.

    I decided to keep the monitor anyways

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