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HP W2558HC 25-Inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

Written By: Best Sellers LCD Monitor on March 30, 2010 5 Comments

  • 25.5 (64.7 cm) Thin-Film Transistor LCD active matrix diagonal and viewable image display, BriteView technology
  • Built-in 1.3-Megapixel webcam designed for low-light conditions
  • Video instant messaging over the web at 30 frames/second in VGA (640×480 resolution) mode
  • Plug and Play capability, if supported by your computer system
  • Video inputs supported – Two HDMI connectors (version 1.2) and DVI-D single-link connector

Product Description
The HP Pavilion w2558hc is a 25.5-inch wide-screen HDMI monitor with built-in webcam and with liquid crystal display (LCD) and thin-film transistor (TFT) screen…. More >>

HP W2558HC 25-Inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

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5 Responses to “HP W2558HC 25-Inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor”

  1. Eddy Strait says on: 31 March 2010 at 12:35 am

    Pros : Durable, High Quality

    Cons : Expensive

    I compared monitors IN PERSON for a month straight before I decided on this. If Samsung had a 26″ glossy monitor, maybe I would’ve bought it. Samsung has a much better warranty (3 years I believe vs. HP’s 1 year). The gloss makes pictures look wet and vivid and alive. Matt screens don’t reflect glare (true) but it comes at a price. So, if you have a window or some big light behind you, that may be a consideration. I sit facing the window (so I can look through it) so my monitor screen is facing the wall behind me, so I have no glare problem. I was considering a 30″ monitor, but nobody makes one with a glossy screen. My 65″ tv has a glossy screen and so do most laptops. Desktop monitors are “starting” to jump on the bandwagon. Compare this monitor side by side to a matt screen monitor… its a no-brainer, this one looks better!

    My brand new build just cost me $3,321:

    Core i7 920 @ 4.2GHz!

    EVGA X58 SLI motherboard

    2 x EVGA GTX260’s SLI Core 216 SC

    2 x 300GB Velociraptor’s (Raid 0)

    2 x 1 TB WD Caviar Black

    6GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 @ 1600MHz

    1000W Ultra X3 modular PS

    HP 25.5″ lcd @ 1920×1200 (w2558hc)

    Logitech Z-5500 505Watt 5.1 THX speakers

    HT Omega Claro Plus+ 7.1 HD Audio Card

    Coolermaster Centurion 590 case

    Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler

    2 x Samsung DVD-RW

    4 x Apevia 120mm case fans

  2. J. Thomas says on: 31 March 2010 at 2:16 am

    Just got the monitor. Few issues: Images are kinda blurry, even after resetting to the native resolution. Colors are washed out, inaccurate. Not sure if its just me and I have a lemon. Going to try to get a replacement, otherwise I’ll stick with my existing Dell 24″ ultrasharp. I like the larger size of the HP and also the base, but the image quality is upsetting.

  3. Katt A Shopper says on: 31 March 2010 at 2:57 am

    This is my 4th computer purchase and I’ve always went with Dell. This time I thought I’ll try HP and four months later am sorry I did. Spent $2300.00 on complete system with this 25″ monitor that from day one has been a problem. A constant flicker and yes have spent hours on the phone with tech support checking drivers, changing cables etc, and still not only does it flicker but just goes blank screen. Now will have to send it back and be without my monitor for who knows how long. With dell had hiccups but nothing like this. If you go to HP web support you will also find on their board people writing in about the same problem with several models of their monitors..only wish I had went there first.

  4. Karmala says on: 31 March 2010 at 5:46 am

    I purchased this monitor along with the HP slimline PC, and the J4680 Officejet printer. I also purchased extended warranties AND on site tech support. I made this purchase on 04/08/09 directly through HP. Items were delivered on 04/16/09 and hooked up on 04/17/09. Monitor crashed on 04/19/09, called tech support who talked me through “monitor self-diagnosis”, which it failed. Tech gave me to “second level” who promised me he would “express send” a box to return this monitor.

    After they received this one, they would send me another new monitor. Box would arrive on the 2oth, waited all day- no box. Called FedEx.. I am not in system. Called HP again. Got an “oh so sorry, but box will definitely arrive on the 21st” Same routine as day before.. wait all day, no box, call FedEX…not in system, call HP.. box will definitely be here, etc.

    After waiting yet again all day today and still no box, I decided to try calling the corporate phone number in Palo Alto, CA…. which I found out is actually answered in Canada. I may actually have an english speaking case mgr at this point, but as I have been lied to several times already, I’ll have to reserve judgement on that. He says that no one ever sent the box order out, but he will take care of it and I will have a new monitor within 6 business days.

    So…here I sit…looking at a $1500 paper weight. I bought this because my old PC crashed and I needed an immediate replacement to do my work. I can’t use the old monitor on the new PC since it is set up for HDMI. I have spent over 4 hours on the phone trying to get this resolved and YET I specifically purchased an on-site tech support plan so I wouldn’t have to go through this. So far, no one has been able to answer my question as to why I can’t get an onsite tech out here to deal with this.

    I have purchased HP products for 30 years and have always been delighted with their products quality and their customer service. I will NEVER purchase their products again. There has to be some company out there that still cares about their customer… this isn’t it. It is so sad that neither exists any longer. So…you decide if you REALLY want more stress in your life.

    04/24/09 no box… no monitor

    04/25/09 no box… no monitor… this is HP’s idea of express delivery.

    04/26/09 Sunday

    04/27/09 no box… no monitor

    04/28/09 no box… no monitor… just checked the order status online and it hasn’t even been shipped yet! I was promised Express delivery by 3 different people.

    04/29/09 I rcvd the empty box

    04/30/09 FedEX picked the monitor up

    04/30/09 rcvd the coverter that is supposed to allow me to use my new PC with my old monitor… it’s connections are backwards connecting HDMI from converter to monitor… old monitor, no HDMI which is why I haven’t been able to use it…so, it’s totally useless to me.

    05/04/09 no monitor… according to my order/case #, it hasn’t even been shipped yet. It’s been almost a month since I purchased this thing.

    05/05/09 the monitor that was picked up last Thursday, 5 days ago, has been sitting in a Fed Ex facility since then. Until it is returned (God only knows when) to HP, the replacement monitor will not be shipped. Since, according to FEDEX, HP was supposed to receive it either yesterday or today, and it still hasn’t left their facility, looks like it will be at least another week til I get the monitor…Happy Cinco DeMayo! (Turns out it was enroute this day, but FEDEX hadn’t updated this information on their site)

    05-07-09 HP received the broken monitor early yesterday morning, still hasn’t shipped the replacement. On May 3rd, I emailed the CEO of HP, Mark Hurd after reading the article on him in Fortune magazine AND reading his bio on the HP website, here’s a direct quote from that bio “Everything we do must be for the customer. If it’s not, then we need to reconsider why we’re doing it.”

    Here’s what I sent ” I need help from someone who REALLY performs customer service. I tried typing out all that has happened over the last month… dates, times,but your system insisted that it was over 3500 words… so here it is in a nutshell. On April 8th, I made a $1500 purchase on your web site… a slimline PC, a 25inch monitor, a wireless printer, all of the extended warranties, and on-site tech support. I rcvd everyting the following week, hooked the monitor and PC up (printer is still in box), and the monitor crashed on the 3rd day. Since then I have wasted hours in phone calls with techs, wasted days waiting for an empty box that never came. Finally got the empty box and sent the monitor back on the 30th. I checked this morning, the new monitor still hasn’t been shipped. You people sent me a defective machine and are dragging your feet on replacing it. I made this purchase not quite a month ago. I NEED this equipment to do my work and you people are seriously jeopardizing my job. Isn’t there someone somewhere in your vast coporation who can actually help me?

    I received this in response “On behalf of Hewlett-Packard we apologize for the difficulties you are experiencing. Your message has been forwarded to our Customer Escalation team who will review your case.” That was 3 days ago and I have yet to hear from anyone

    05-08-09 well… got a monitor today, not a new one, but evidently someone else’s headache. tried to reach my “case mgr” who was on another phone call, person I spoke with refused to give me to a dept mgr. never did hear from the “escalation dept” All of this started a month ago today when I tried to buy myself a much needed birthday gift. For the last month, I have wasted hours on the phone and days waiting for boxes that never arrived. All I want to know now is how to return everything and get my $1500 back. My ulcers can’t deal with this anymore. Good luck to you who have one of these machines…hopefully, you will never have to try to deal with HP directly.

    05-11-09 Just spoke with my “case mgr” explaining that after a month of dealing with this headache, I just want to return everything and get my money back. He said that he can’t refund my money if the monitor works. I told him that it doesn’t matter if it works or not, it is a USED monitor, not a NEW one which is what I purchased. After 20 mintues of trying to get a resolution, I was left with the corporate phone number as my only avenue… which means I have to start from scratch.. again… what a mess! Be forewarned!!!! (Keep in mind that HP’s return policy is 21 days… can’t return something I don’t have! Not my fault that is past the 21 days!)

    Would sure appreciate any contact numbers anyone might have to get this taken care of… I just want it all gone so I can get something that works and get on with my life…

    05-21-09 update. A little over a week ago, I finally found a contact person at HP corporate and sent an email with a copy of this review. I got a phone call a few hours later from a very pleasant woman who got me safely to the end of this nightmare… with a new monitor, etc. I can’t escape the fact that I truly believe it NEVER should have gotten to the point that it did, and I really hope that HP will seriously consider making some way overdo and much needed changes in the customer service area. That being said, I also have to admit that once I got to the right person, she was pleasant, courteous, and immediately took care of business. I have had the monitor for a week now and so far, it is running great…

    07/22/09 update: it only lasted about 2 months. The speakers stopped working about 2 weeks ago. Since my doctors have advised me to avoid stress, I am probably not going to even try to get this fixed since I would have to go through all of the other channels… India, Mexico, Canada… before the nice lady in Palo Alto can/will help me. This machine may be great on paper, but they definitely have NOT been able to translate that to the actual unit.

  5. Sheldon Chang says on: 31 March 2010 at 6:26 am

    I saw this at my local electronics store and it looked gorgeous hooked up to a Windows PC. The colors looked very rich and I couldn’t believe how relatively inexpensive it was. I was a lot less impressed after I got it home and opened it up.

    My first disappointment was finding that the included monitor cable was a DVI to Analog cable. That doesn’t do us Mac owners any good and the cable must not have been of very high quality because I couldn’t get a video signal after I fastened an Analog to DVI adapter on the analog end of the cable. That resulted in another trip to the store to pick up a DVI to DVI cable. My next disappointment was when I finally got the monitor working. Plugged into my MacPro with my Nvidia 8800GT graphics card, it looked horrible! The colors were WAY off and for some reason, I was not able to get a smooth 1920×1200 resolution. Everything looked slightly fuzzy the way LCD screens look when adjusted to a resolution that’s not the native resolution.

    To add insult to injury, there was a bad pixel out of the box too though I can’t fault the monitor on that. Dead pixels happen.

    There are some very nice aspects to this monitor. I loved that it had a built in task light. I was in love with the solid feel of the construction and the way it adjusted up/down and in tilt.

    I’m really surprised that an HP branded product gave me such a bad experience. Maybe I just got a lemon, but this one is going back to the store.

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