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Smart Buy 22In Ws Lcd 1680X1050 3000:1 La2205wg Vga Dvi-D Dp 5Ms

Written By: Best Sellers LCD Monitor on April 8, 2010 2 Comments

Product Description
Adjust the new HP LA2205wg slider stand to find a position that is suitable for you, whether you are a child or an adult or are shorter or taller in stature, with adjustable tilt, pivot head rotation, swivel and height adjustments….

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Smart Buy 22In Ws Lcd 1680X1050 3000:1 La2205wg Vga Dvi-D Dp 5Ms

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2 Responses to “Smart Buy 22In Ws Lcd 1680X1050 3000:1 La2205wg Vga Dvi-D Dp 5Ms”

  1. Y. Andrew So says on: 8 April 2010 at 4:59 am

    I recently purchased two of these to go with my existing monitor to do Eyefinity. It works great because it already has a DisplayPort. There are not many 22″ LCD’s with a displayport, its either this one or the one from Dell. The colors are vibrant on this monitor and the OSD works really well. There are plenty of options for you to tinker with. The stand is also great, it lets you rotate, tilt, swivel…basically you can almost turn the monitor in any direction. The stand is removable as well and can be mounted via VESA mount. If you’re planning on doing an eyefinity set up with three 22″ monitors, these are the monitors to get. I know 230 is a lot to pay for a 22 inch, but you are saving the 100 dollars from not having to buy the active displayport adapter. I know they are not IPS panels, but I’ve seen the P2210’s, these are better.

  2. Jay Finnsey says on: 8 April 2010 at 7:21 am

    I bought this monitor for our main system where my wife mainly edits long complex Excel documents for a large financial company. I’ve never purchased an HP monitor before and jumped into this decision after a fairly new Viewsonic 22″ died prematurely. The Auto Pivot feature was the main selling point, along with the size and price. Well…. this thing has gone into 3 days worth of nightmarish install problems. The auto-pivot feature never did work. The software package is a beast to install… and never seems to install all the components properly. (For instance, the check box to turn on Auto Pivot never worked… and after a while trying to re-install, I never even saw the check box again!) The main problem seems to be a conflict with using dual displays on a Windows PC (I’m running XP, btw). I can’t even describe how many times I re-installed, shut down, cold starts, restarts, froze up, and had black screens! It is barely plug and play when the drivers aren’t installed! Sometimes it works, sometimes Windows doesn’t even list it as a second display.

    The design of this monitor is lacking too. The slightest pressure on the cabinet sides/frame cause pixels to distort–way too easy to damage the LCD. This is especially troubling since the pivot design involved muscling the thing to pivot it. You also have to lean the display way back before tilting or you’ll hit its own base. Oh yeah… there is no side to side tilt–funny how they show you actually turning the entire base side to side in the manual. Slick, huh? The up and down adjustment doesn’t lock… no clicks… and again, you have to grab the frame.

    The other main thing I hate about this display is the image quality. Curiously, I’ve always hated the display on one of our other HP products–a laptop. Harsh, narrow angle of view, uneven brightness across the display area from top to bottom–top being darker. When pivoted, this display has an incredibly narrow field of good viewing! At the best angle from a readable distance, the right quarter of the display (actually the top of the monitor) is dark. You would never want to do anything with graphics, photography or art on this display! The sharpness stinks too. When compared next to our Viewsonic (and the other Viewsonic I’m typing this on–we own 2) the difference is like apples and rotten, squishy apples.

    I’m going to return this unit as soon as I order another brand. I’m convinced now (after experiencing this display and the one on our laptop HP) that HP is putting cheap, crappy LCDs in their units. Junk. Pure junk.

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