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LG W2486L 24-Inch LED Backlit Monitor

Written By: Best Sellers LCD Monitor on April 4, 2010 5 Comments

  • LED Backlit LCD Monitor is perfect for today’s demanding graphics and video intensive applications
  • LG Smart Package includes Autobright, Live Sensor, Cinema Mode, Time Control
  • 2,000,000:1 Digital Fine Contrast Ratio
  • Features Photo Effect and EZ Zooming
  • 16:9 Widescreen Format, 1920 x 1080 Resolution

Product Description
24-Inch PC Monitor. 1920 x 1080 Resolution, 2ms Response Speed (GTG), 2,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio, DVD-D & D-sub Input, 250 cd/m2 Brightness, 3 Year Warranty…

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LG W2486L 24-Inch LED Backlit Monitor

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5 Responses to “LG W2486L 24-Inch LED Backlit Monitor”

  1. Jaewoo Kim says on: 4 April 2010 at 6:56 pm

    I also own the 24 inch iMac. The LED screen on the iMac is also made by LG and it is of slightly higher quality. These LG 24 inch monitors are more elongated sideways than the apple LED monitors. I also own a 19 inch LCD monitor and I was little disappointed the height of this monitor is the same as my 19 inch LCD monitor. Overall, the screen size of this monitor is around 60% larger (all sideways) than my 19 inch LCD monitor. The proportion of this monitor is similar to the movie theater cinematic screen. I am not sure if such screen, although good for watching movies, is necessary best for computing.

    As far as picture quality and brightness, I was not disappointed. These can handle HDTV 1080p (these cannot handle HDTV signals without extra equipment) resolution and is very bright. Although these are not the very best LED monitors (Apple is the best IMHO), very few people, if any, would be dissatisfied with the picture quality of this monitor. It also has 2 HDMI, 1 DVI, and 1 DSUB (SVGA port) ports. These do not come with attached speakers but it does have a single audio outlet for headphones and external speakers.

    The controls are not very intuitive. The control buttons needs to have up/down and sideway arrows to assist the user in configuring the monitor. You may need to refer to the manual for proper control usage.

    I also use these for my PS3. The HDMI cable (not included) works perfectly. For sound, make sure you plug in your headphone or speakers at the back of this monitor.

    These monitors are selling like hotcakes and Amazon rarely has them in stock since it is such a great deal. If you see one at a good price, do not hesitate to purchase one immediately. =)

  2. S. Anderson says on: 4 April 2010 at 8:41 pm

    I love Amazon shipping. We had these (I bought 2 of them) delivered in 3 days. The 24″ screen gives you a lot of desktop space. Windows 7 looks beautiful on this LCD. Images are very crisp and clear. I love the dynamic backlighting, so if I turn off the lights in the room, the display dims according to the amount of light around you. Hookup was a snap and the base screws on, making it very easy to install and take-apart. With it being an LED backlit display, almost no heat is generated, and you got to love the 27 watt power consumption. This is a must buy.

  3. A. Spanjer says on: 4 April 2010 at 9:47 pm

    Beautiful display, lots of inputs, HDMI, Digital, VGA .. great value for the $$. Set up in 10 minutes. After a day or two I re-tightened the screw that fastens the base to the monitor and the wobble is not noticeable. Then again, I set it where I wouldn’t be bumping it. Thank you LG and Amazon!

  4. pAriana says on: 4 April 2010 at 10:06 pm

    This monitor is connected to a Mac G5. Automatic connection. Terrific picture. Deep, deep blacks and clear whites for high dynamic range. It is very light in weight compared to a Dell 24″ monitor, and no wobble detected in base which had been mentioned as a problem in other reviews. Vivid colors. Definitely would buy another.

  5. E. L. Green says on: 5 April 2010 at 12:02 am

    Plus sides: It’s big, it doesn’t look bad, does real 1080p resolution, fits on my computer desk (which has a shelf over the monitor area) because it’s really wide but only about as tall as my old 22″ monitor, and it has two HDMI and one DVI input so I can send my upconverting DVD player’s output to it as well as my computer’s output. And it uses ridiculously little power — it comes with a 36 watt power supply and probably uses around 24 watts in normal use, thanks to the thirfty LED backlighting.

    The only problem area is, LG apparently got a huge batch of very “cool” blue-tinted LED’s for their backlight, because the colors are awful. Luckily my Macbook has an option in its color profiles to shift all colors towards the “warm” side of the scale, or I would have had to return this monitor. And it’s not because of LED backlighting in general, my MacBook has an LED backlight too. LG just cheaped out on the LED’s (it’s *hard* to find a true white LED, and they’re expensive).

    Oh, about the base — there are various complaints on the web that the base is somehow “flimsy”. LG must have redesigned the base or something, because mine is big, round, heavy, and does its job well.

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