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SAMSUNG 943SWX 18.5-Inch 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor

Written By: Best Sellers LCD Monitor on March 30, 2010 3 Comments

  • The 943SWX adopts Touch key function and overall soft feeling design
  • You can enjoy more vivid and clear quality of multimedia contents
  • 16:9 larger display area is optimized format for entertainment
  • More ergonomic with less mouse scroll

Product Description
To promote workplace efficiency, Samsung has created a range of monitors which allow users greater freedom and flexibility to create their optimum working environment. Elegant and slim, with superior technical specifications and outstanding features, the monitors promote productivity and provide empowerment…. More >>

SAMSUNG 943SWX 18.5-Inch 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor

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3 Responses to “SAMSUNG 943SWX 18.5-Inch 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor”

  1. Scott G. Kunes says on: 30 March 2010 at 10:59 pm

    After enjoyng this monitor for 5 mos the monitor quit one day out of the blue, giving me a flashing blue light that would not turn on or off or reset. After calling customer service they informed me that they would have to exchange the monitor and I would be reciving one in 1-2 weeks, I gave them my credit card number so that the monitor would be drop shipped to my door as the nearest UPS Store is 40 minutes away. Well it was delivered to the UPS Store anyways upon which I was never notified. Four weeks later when I called them and asked where my monitor may be they told me what had happened and said they had recieved the monitor the week before, again with no notification to me. I was told that they would two-day air the monitor to me. They asked for my credit card a second time and after I gave them 4 credit card including two no limit business cards that were declined by them, I had to tell them to just figure it out. The monitor did not come till a week later, I then left on business for 4 days so did not open the monitor until I got back. When I did the monitor was the wrong monitor, not only that but they had the wrong base in the box as well so I couldn’t even use the monitor. I was told by customer service that nothing could be done about this mistake or any of the other mistakes, I had now been without a monitor for 6 weeks. They did tell me they were going to two-day air another monitor and this one would be a new monitor not a refabbed one. That was on August 5th it is now the 13th and I do not have my monitor. This last call offered me no tracking number as the monitor has not even been shipped yet as well as no resolve to make me a happy Samsung customer. In fact the final person that I spoke to in Executive Customer Service basically hung up on me when I expressed my unhappiness in thier ineptitude. Througn no mistakes on my part (besides from buying a Samsung) I have been without a monitor for two months. All the phone calls have lasted at least a half an hour, and while some promises have been made in a half-hearted attempt to resolve the situation none have been followed through on.

  2. Dario Quinonez says on: 31 March 2010 at 12:50 am

    A very nice monitor, fast response and produces good colors, very happy with this item but the rebates promised has not been received after 3 months of purchase.

  3. Suzanne C. Henderson says on: 31 March 2010 at 1:24 am

    And to have a DVI connection too! Picture is clear and crisp…….was easy to set up. Have not tried any adjustments yet, right now, it does not need any…..

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