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Samsung SyncMaster 2253LW 21.6-inch LCD Monitor

Written By: Best Sellers LCD Monitor on April 17, 2010 5 Comments

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SAMSUNG 2253LW 22INCH LCD MONITOR 1000:1, 8000:1 DC…

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Samsung SyncMaster 2253LW 21.6-inch LCD Monitor

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5 Responses to “Samsung SyncMaster 2253LW 21.6-inch LCD Monitor”

  1. Gladys Goh says on: 17 April 2010 at 4:28 pm

    This monitor is faulty out of the box.

    When I first switched it on without plugging in my computer, the ‘No Connection’ box on the screen is very faint and barely visible. I called Samsung support and they say that the box should be clearly visible.

    After I plugged in the computer, the screen turns on for 2 seconds and then goes black.

    Asked Samsung support to replace one for me and there is no reply from them after 3 days.

    Very poor customer support.

    Please do not buy this product!

  2. X. Tao says on: 17 April 2010 at 6:36 pm

    I bought this product in early Sept. After using it for 3 days, I found a dead pixel on the left corner of the screen. So I asked for a change on Sept 15, 2008. After faxing my receipt to them, I called them to make sure that they had all documents they wanted. I was told to wait until Oct 6, 2008. The second time I called (around Sept 30), they said they wanted to know the time (and the number from) which I faxed my receipt to them! Fortunately, I have a copy of those things, and they again asked me to wait until Oct 6, 2008 and I should be able to receive my monitor then. I called again on Oct 7 because I still did not have the new monitor. So I called, and finally they raised my case from level 3 to level 1. On Oct 16, I got a call from them and asked me to pick up my monitor. I went to the designated UPS store, and I found that they had sent me a REFURBISHED monitor!!!! I asked the manager to call SAMSUNG and told them I paid for a new monitor. They agreed to send me a 24” new monitor and I was told I should be able to receive it by Oct 24. But apparently, I still don’t have it today (Nov 1). I just made a call, and they told me they needed the receipt from me AGAIN!!!!!

    The height and angle of the monitor is not adjustable. So you have to adjust your chair to make sure that you have a good view.

  3. Seth B. Coomer says on: 17 April 2010 at 9:07 pm

    good monitor a little tricky to adjust brightness and such but its really cheap and the colors are good. its a deal for the size.

  4. M. Sylvester says on: 17 April 2010 at 10:50 pm

    This mon. was purchased for my daughter’s room. This mon. goes to the output of the Direct TV Tuner.

    The quality is much more than required, as a Video to HDMI converter was needed to go between the Direct TV box and this Monitor. It came with an array of wall mounting hardware. Input selection is automatic (Plug & Play).

    M.S. in Panorama City, CA.

    Very Good buy !

  5. Renato Prata De Frasson says on: 17 April 2010 at 11:07 pm

    I had a good surprise when I opened my box, this monitor already comes with all cables. Too bad I bought an extra one.

    Anyway here are my comments:


    -Great and bright image!

    -Good refresh rate. I see no ghosting.

    -Beautiful finish.

    -Widescreen rocks when playing FPS games (varies from player to player but I love it)

    -Really plug and play with my laptop. Just plug and set it as primary monitor and I’m good to go to use 2 screens (I extend my Work area into the original laptop screen)


    -You can’t adjust anything on the stand (not height nor inclination…)

    This is a bit annoying but I placed it on the top of a box to elevate the screen.

    -I’ve seen people complaining about bleeding, but it doesn’t bother me. More demanding users might disagree with me.

    When I bought this monitor, the price was 220 dollars with the 22″ version being 260. For 40 more dollars I didn’t think that the extra .4 inch would be worth. Now one might consider the 2253BW instead. Has same refresh rate, same # of pixels and so on, but it is truly 22″

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