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ViewSonic VG2427WM 24-Inch Widescreen HD LCD Monitor

Written By: Best Sellers LCD Monitor on April 28, 2010 3 Comments

  • The Viewsonic VG2427wm 24″ Black Wide HD LCD. 1920
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Product Description
The 24″ VG2427wm LCD is the big and wide, multimedia solution to your demanding business needs. Demanding professionals will love the feature-packed, high-performance, widescreen VG2427wm….

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ViewSonic VG2427WM 24-Inch Widescreen HD LCD Monitor

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3 Responses to “ViewSonic VG2427WM 24-Inch Widescreen HD LCD Monitor”

  1. C. Cheng says on: 28 April 2010 at 8:57 pm

    Great value for a 24″ monitor that I use for general computing needs and the occassional movie/video editing, etc. The sound is great for something that is integrated. My only negative comment is the fact that the box was in terrible condition but the monitor appeared to be absolutely new.

  2. N. Porter says on: 28 April 2010 at 10:30 pm

    This is an amazing clear, precise monitor that I really enjoy. I have always liked the Viewsonic product line and am pretty picky about certain products one of which being the monitor. Since the monitor is one of the things that can really impact the experience you have working with your computer finding the correct one is important. Movies and games look amazing and I like that there are no speakers or extra clutter on the sides of the monitor. This is my second Viewsonic monitor and it’s hard to think that I will switch product lines after the A+ experience I have had with both.

  3. K. Schram says on: 28 April 2010 at 11:56 pm

    Don’t get me wrong. Prior to this experience I was one of ViewSonic’s number one fans. I have previously worked for an authorized reseller of ViewSonic and have placed literally hundreds of units into service. I’ve often heard it said, however, that the true measure of a company only comes when you’ve had the opportunity to see how they support their products. Now that I’ve had that experience, I’ll never buy another one. Here’s why:

    For Christmas I purchased a VG2427wm monitor for $250. Once it was unwrapped from under the Christmas tree, we were able to use it 3 times prior it failing to detect a signal from any CPU. I contacted support, they confirmed it was defective and despite my request to have the unit replaced with another new unit, I was told my options were to either repair the defective unit or replace it with a refurbished one. I wasn’t wild about the refurbished idea so opted for a repair. Unfortunately, on the return trip from ViewSonic, the unit was damaged in shipping and sent back to their attention in California before arriving at my home. At this point I was less excited about having a new, repaired, and now crushed unit than trying a refurbished unit. I requested and was provided an advanced exchange because by this point we has been without a monitor for nearly a month. The advanced exchange was to be shipped 2nd day and I should have it before the weekend. The weekened came and went and no monitor arrived. After reviewing the RMA number on their web site, I found the unit hadn’t even shipped. I contacted them AGAIN and was told they could not ship the exchange unit until they received my original unit back at their location. I expressed my dismay at this as they already had the tracking number and could see it was enroute to their facility but was told that this was policy and I had to wait. So much for “advanced exchange”. I watched the tracking information and called days after its receipt when I found they STILL hadn’t shipped the replacement. I was assured that the floor supervisor would unbox the replacement unit, test it and send it out ASAP. When it arrived at my home, it worked, but it also had an inch long scratch gouged into the display. GRRRRR!!!!!

    Back on the phone with ViewSonic. This time they made me complete the paperwork for another advanced exchange along with my credit card number before shipping out another refurbished unit. When I finally received the unit, IT WAS DEFECTIVE!!!!! I’m now 49 days, 10 phone calls and who knows how many hours into this ordeal. It isn’t until now that I find out that had the origianl unit failed within 30 days of purchse it would have been replaced with a new unit. Mine sat under the Christmas tree for 3 weeks and failed 21 days after being opened. Now I’m going after a new replacement… no questions. I’ve had enough.

    I finally get escalated to a manager and rehash the whole disaster for literally the 10th time. They eventually agree to replace my unit with a new one BUT they don’t have any VG2427wm units available. Instead, they are going to UPGRADE me to a VX2433wm. After a little research, I find that the specs for the VX2433wm are slightly better than the unit I purchased but it sells for $50 less than what I paid and does not include the adjustable base like the VG2427wm. I place ANOTHER call to ViewSonic and plead my case. Any reasonable person would feel entitled to some sort of “compensation” for what is truely the worst customer service experience of my life. ViewSonic sees my replacement of a $250 unit with a $200 unit as fair compensation.

    So in the end I paid $250 for the unit, approximately $50 to ship it back for repair, spent 49+ days waiting, made more than a dozen phone calls, a total of 3 trips to the local FedEx store and HOPEFULLY will get a $199 unit with fewer ergonomic features than what I originally purchased. If you’re willing to gamble, I just pray you don’t end up having to call support.

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